Monday, February 11, 2008

Is your PC feeding the storm worm?

Is your PC feeding the storm worm?

This might supprise you if you have been using the Internet and download files send by spammer then chances are your Pc is a zombie for help the criminal or spammer to process the unlawful data practise! Storm worm is becomming more powerful as more and more world Pc are infected; it is etimate this worm or virus is now the fatest supercomputing in the world! What is fightening is that your Pc and my are feeding it to become more powerful each day! This baddy has stolen our Pc processing and memory to do its criminal deeds and making a lot of money along the way! The sophistication of this crime expertise in computer technology is frieghtening and it is hard to remove the virus from your Pc.

"According to New Zealand computer Scientist Peter Gutman, the Storm Worm Botnet can be classified as one of the world’s top 10 super computers.  There are between one and ten million computers infected with the Storm worm.  Peter Gutman made his calculations based on combining the number of CPUs and the amount of RAM in the infected PCs.  With approximately 1-10 million 2.8GHz P4s and 1-10 Petabytes of RAM the Storm Worm Botnet has access to more computing power than the top 10 supercomputers combined."


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